Our Wednesday Learn, Laugh and Lunch group participants, staff and fabulous team of volunteers are very sad that for the time being we can’t meet together face to face, but over the last two months our channels of communication have been wide open. A weekly ring around has been organized and to keep us abreast of how we are all faring in restricting our movements outside of the house. We’ve been sharing tips on how we are managing our everyday life tasks, keeping busy, connected to neighbours, family and friends and maintaining a sense of purpose which we’d like to share with you all:

  • While you are staying safe at home make sure you reach out to trusted neighbours, family or friends to do shopping or essential errands for you. If you have access to the internet or someone to connect you, then consider using one of the online delivery services offered by Coles and Woolies as well as other online food delivery services.
  • BASScare meals on wheels deliver a hot three course meal five days a week to clients in the Boroondara area.
  • Instead of heading out for medical appointments, book a telephone or online consultation with your health professional and get your prescriptions written or treatments from the safety of your own home. Ask your pharmacy if they offer a medications home delivery service.


You’ll be spending your days around your home and having to restrict the number of visitors but that doesn’t stop you from communicating and being involved with the wider community. Keep yourself busy and connected.

Take part in the Teddy Bear Hunt in your neighbourhood.

Teddy bears are beginning to pop up in gardens, windows and on fences around the world to create some social-distancing magic for children during the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Do you have a long forgotten teddy hiding away in the cupboard that belonged to one of your adult children, a grandchild or was perhaps your special friend when you were young?

Spread some of your joy to children and families joining in the global Bear Hunt walking up your street by putting a teddy and a message in your front window or fence.


Make a call

Make a call to close or distant friends to ask “Are you okay?”


Write a letter

Now is the time getting back to letter writing and communicating ‘the old fashioned way’. Dig out your cards or writing compendium and drop a line to someone you know. Many young folk have never experienced the joy of finding a letter addressed to them in the mail box, so jot a hello note to children in your street or young ones in your family.


Keep your mind active and challenged.

There are a wealth of Free on line brain activities that you can do on the computer/IPad or print off to do by hand or ask someone to pick up a puzzle book for you from the shops. Free daily online crosswords, Sudoku’s, Word Searches, Trivia quizzes and much more can be found by searching Lovatts Puzzles.


Rekindle favourite pastimes or crafts.

There is a global resurgence of old fashioned round-table activities, games and puzzles and crafting. Go through the cupboards for a favourite jigsaw or board game to play when your primary visitors pop over get out the knitting needles or those half finished craft project and get your fingers moving.


These are uncertain times, and naturally we are all feeling vulnerable and scared. But we are all in this together and through kindness and courage we will all get through.

While the weather is still fine, open your windows and welcome the warmth and colours of Autumn into your home.  Above all, be grateful that we live in a beautiful leafy green region of what will always be Our Lucky Country.

A big hello to you all from our Learn, Laugh and Lunch family.

Judy Russell.

Learn Laugh and Lunch co-ordinator.