Our Story

Welcome to BASScare, a proudly independent, not-for-profit, aged care organisation.

BASScare (Boroondara Aged Services Society) has a long history in the community, beginning life in 1957 as the Canterbury Citizens Welfare Committee. It was formed by community members who recognised that the elderly who weren’t part of a mainstream church body often found themselves socially isolated and neglected, without access to any form of assistance. The principles that guided our inception are the same ones that drive us forward today.


A Christmas dinner, organised by members of local churches, was held for those aged over 60 in the Boroondara area. This was to be no ‘tea and cake’ affair, but ‘a proper Christmas dinner, with pudding and the lot’. The response is huge, with more than 180 people attending, some on walking sticks or crutches, the oldest 95.


Encouraged by the response to the Christmas dinner, a questionnaire about community needs of older adults was distributed to Boroondara residents. Malnutrition, loneliness and an ability to get help are found to be the most pressing concerns. In light of this, the Canterbury Citizens Welfare Committee is born (now known as BASScare) and one of the first Meals on Wheels services in Australia begins operating from the Holeproof factory in Deepdene.


The Canterbury Centre building on Rochester Road, Canterbury, is completed, and Meals on Wheels begins operating from its kitchen.


Older people still able to look after themselves, but finding their homes too large, isolating or difficult to maintain, are faced with a lack of alternative housing options. In response to this need, Faversham Court was built. Designed to blend discreetly with the existing streetscape, it originally contains 9 single and two double units.


Spurred on by the overwhelmingly positive response to Faversham Court, CCWC acquires a large block of land in Canterbury, paving the way for new units and the opening of Chaucer Crescent. Another 14 units located on Middlesex Road were also completed. Today, BASScare’s social mission incorporates 71 affordable independent living units located in Canterbury and Surrey Hills.


Chatham Lea Hostel, located at Chatham Road, Canterbury is opened with 23 units.


Chatham Lea Hostel is expanded to include a further 21 units.


Harcourt Nursing Home is opened, providing temporary rehabilitation for unit and hostel residents who might otherwise have to spend that time in hospital.


In 1986, two properties on either side of Chatham Lea Hostel were acquired, just as fresh emphasis was being placed on the care of mentally frail, but ambulant people. A programme of special activities for Chatham Lea residents with some degree of dementia was established with Commonwealth funding.


Maranoa House Dementia Day Care Centre opened providing dementia respite services to people living with mild, moderate or severe dementia
and their carers.


Chatham Lea Hostel was expanded to increase accommodation to 81 beds. Harcourt Nursing Home was extended, increasing accommodation to 30 beds.


Canterbury Centre undergoes refurbishment. The hall and kitchen are enlarged and modernised, and the offices and boardroom are relocated to an upper storey extension. To this day, Meals and Wheels and the Social Activities program are run from this centre.


Canterbury Citizens Welfare Committee merges with North Balwyn Citizens Welfare Association to form Boroondara Aged Services Society (BASScare is the Society’s trading name). To this day, BASScare operates Social Activities programs and Meals on Wheels from the Marwal Centre in North Balwyn, also home to the North Balwyn Senior Citizens Centre.


A busy year for the community. A new 125 bed, state-of-the-art facility was constructed at Faversham Road for residents from Chatham Lea Hostel and Harcourt Nursing Home.

The month of April sees BASScare take over the management and running of Hamer Court Hostel in East Kew, previously run by the City of Boroondara. In June, BASScare merges with Airdrie House Society Inc., which provides housing for financially disadvantaged nurses.


Construction begins on a new 60-bed wing attached to Faversham House on the site where Chatham Lea Hostel once stood.


Hester Canterbury, a boutique retirement village, opens on Chatham Road, on the site of the old Chatham Lea Hostel.


BASScare takes over the City of Boroondara’s Meals on Wheels program in the Hawthorn and Kew areas.


Morgan Glen Iris opens.

The refurbishment of all Affordable Independent Living Units in Canterbury and Surrey Hills is completed. BASScare embarks on a new journey with the commencement of Home Care services.


Maling Road Home Care Services Shop opens.