Trivia has been a staple of the Melbourne pub scene for decades – one of the few British culture imports we can be grateful for – so it will come as a nice surprise for many to discover that it’s actually a health benefit.

That’s right – trivia is good for you.

When we catch up with a group of friends at the local watering hole for the weekly quiz, or gather around the table for a game of Trivial Pursuit with family, or take part in BASScare’s Brain Games afternoons, we’re doing our brains a favour. Dipping into our memories for all those “useless” facts we’ve accumulated over the years keeps us sharp.

The benefits of trivia

Who doesn’t love coming up with the right answer? That little burst of dopamine we get when challenged with a trivia question we just happen to know is similar to the thrill of gambling or playing video games, but without the downsides. And it’s akin to sticking our brains on a treadmill for twenty minutes.

Exercise is as crucial for the mind as it is for the muscles. As we age, our ability to retain information decreases. Fortunately, the more we draw on facts and information we’ve memorised over the years, the more likely they are to stay with us. Trivia acts as a workout for the frontal cortex and, like any workout, it strengthens that part of the brain and keeps the mind sharp.

Of course, it’s not just about recalling facts. After all, there are always some questions that have us stumped. Learning something new is always a valuable part of trivia, and while the fact that Steep Point is the most western part of Australia may seem like a useless piece of information, the act of learning and memorising it is what keeps our brains firing.

While we can all derive this benefit from online trivia, the act of getting together in a social group for a bit of general knowledge fun brings with it even more advantages. Firstly, the thrill of getting a question right when playing with a group is greater than when we play alone, and there aren’t many of us who don’t thrive on a bit of friendly competition.

Secondly, it gets us out and about, away from screens and devices, so we can talk and interact. Plumbing our memories for the right answers always gets the conversation going, and socialising can break routines and be a tonic for anxiety or stress, no matter what age we are.

Brain Games and Zoom Trivia

Trivia for seniors is a brilliant way to keep the mind honed while having fun. That’s why we’ve put together Brain Games and Zoom Trivia groups, led by Garry Seven, where you can take part in brain teasers, presentations and lots of group discussion all from the comfort of your own home. If you want to test how good your general knowledge is, learn something new, or just get a hit of dopamine, these sessions are not to be missed!

Brain Games Trivia (phone)
Mondays weekly

Zoom Trivia (online)
Wednesday fortnightly

For bookings or more information about any of our activities call 03 9880 4709 or email us at to get involved.