Staying Connected

On March 16th, due to our desire to keep BASScare participants, Volunteers and staff safe, and the rest of the community we are part of, we decided to close the doors and open the phone lines.

We miss you. So we’ll be producing a regular newsletter until our activities return to normal. How are you managing? We have started a second round of phone calls, and will call each of you to see how you are adapting to limited, if any visitors through the front door. However, if you have a phone, there are many opportunities for conversations, and for time in the garden, home projects and linking up with technology.

No-one gets to be a mature senior without inner strength. This is yet another time for us all to draw on what has got us through tough times before. Laughing, adapting, learning and sharing all help.

Do you need anything? Call us for a chat on 9880 4709.

And if you would like a regular conversation with those you normally see at exercise, lunch, or on outings or at craft, pottery or art, we’ll arrange a conference call. Let us know if you’d like to join in.

The Mothers’ Day High Tea on May 8th will have to be by phone. Bake yourself some scones, and phone a friend. Or we’ll phone you between 2 and 3.30. Why not practise a delicate way to raise your right little finger when you sip tea during our Mothers’ Day celebration? Also move your feet, shifting your weight from left to right foot so you are ready to step back onto the dance floor when we are out on the streets again!

The Harvest Dance for June will now be rescheduled for later in the year We’re looking forward to opening up again, but meanwhile, turn the page for home exercises and other fun… Please send in photos and short stories of your current and past activities for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Keep safe,

Vicki Bayly
Social Activities Manager


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