Our building works to renovate Faversham House continue closely to plan at this stage. Stage 1 will be largely completed and preparations for Stage 2 commence before Easter.

Stage 1

Ground Floor

  • The Salon is finished and will reopen on Tuesday
  • The GS staff office will relocate back to its original area this week.
  • The GN staff office will move into their new office this week.

First South

  • Mary will move back to her office
  • The north and south nurses’ stations will relocate into their new staff office in FS

Also, the first of the renovated resident rooms will be handed back to us this week. All 8 rooms have new residents booked to move in. We look forward to welcoming these new residents over the next few weeks.

Stage 2

Ground floor

  • Work continues on the extension to the AMU lounge/dining room. We hope to have handover of this space by the end of the month, a week or two ahead of schedule.
  • Work will then commence on the new kitchenette and part of the lounge/dining area. During this time we will use the Wisteria Lounge and Activity Room as temporary resident lounge/dining areas.

First Floor

  • Room 93 will be vacated and handed over for renovation into a kitchenette
  • Hoarding (temporary walls) will be installed around the current central staff area and demolition of this space will commence to create the first part of the new lounge/dining area
  • The salon will be renovated to become a beauty therapy room.

Both Floors

  • Upgrades to the corridor and communal area lighting will continue
  • Painting and carpet replacement will commence in stages in the corridors
  • Planning for new signage will commence

Progress Updates

During the renovations we will be keeping you up to date in various ways including:

  • At the regular resident / staff meetings
  • Regular updates in this format
  • A dynamic display located in Reception. This will include finish samples, and a TV screen displaying updates on progress and computer generated images of the final finish.
  • Updates on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: Are the residents’ rooms being renovated?
    Answer: Residents rooms will be renovated as and when they are vacated and this is anticipated to take about 3 years. The first rooms will be renovated from the start of the project
  2. Question: Are there any works being conducted in Hamer?
    Answer: There are no renovations planned for Hamer.
  3. Question: Will there be a lot of noise?
    Answer: There will be some noise and the builders are very conscious of the fact that they are working in your home. Noisy works will be scheduled in a way to minimise disruption.
  4. Question: Will the corridors to residents’ rooms and smaller lounges be renovated?
    Answer: The staging of this work will be agreed during the building process and communicated to you prior to commencement.

Should you have any questions in relation to the renovation or its impacts on you please do not hesitate to contact either of us.

Craig Bardrick
Chief Executive Officer BASScare
8809 0001

Sue Bowditch
Residential Manager Faversham House
8809 4917

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