Staying Connected

HOW WELL WE HAVE DONE IN FLATTENING THAT CURVE! An astonishingly good result so far. Thanks to you, your relatives and friends.

Are extra opportunities for conversations, and for time in the garden, home projects and linking up with technology working for you? Are you waiting for restrictions to be lifted so that outings and group gatherings resume? I am.

Until then, we all have an opportunity to build and hold onto new routines including activities that sustain your good health. The film group and exercise classes have taken off with 5 conference calls per week. We will continue to host more conference calls for other groups over the coming weeks.

National Volunteer Week is from 18-24 May. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our Volunteers for their commitment and dedication. Social Support programs have more than 50 volunteers assisting with 2000 hours of programs annually.

We look forward to welcoming our Volunteers back as soon as we can. We welcome Rebecca Barnard, as Client Liaison Officer at Canterbury Centre. She will be answering calls from Monday to Wednesday, 9am until 3pm. She is looking forward to meeting many of you, over the phone, in the coming weeks.

Send us a photo for the newsletter please! Staff and other clients would love to see photos and hear your stories. We’ve loved hearing about how you’re keeping active and relaxed. One of our clients’ told us her grandchildren put the edges of jigsaw puzzles together and she completes the rest.

A reminder that there are services and initiatives in the community such as local shops doing home deliveries and our own BASScare Meals on Wheels service.

Looking forward to welcoming you back as soon as government restrictions allow,

Vicki Bayly
Social Activities Manager


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