Ageing is a journey, one with many side trips and pull-offs along the way. Like any journey, it’s personal; we choose our heading and where the road will take us. The importance of this can’t be stressed enough – we choose. Choice is dignity, and dignity is a basic right. But rights are far easier to talk about than they are to uphold.

That’s why it’s our mission at BASScare to ensure choice is an integral part of the ageing journey.

Our Affordable Independent Living Units are a huge part of that mission. There’s no reason why retired Australians shouldn’t have access to affordable, well-maintained, beautifully renovated homes in desirable suburbs. Our four self-contained communities, located within Canterbury and Surrey Hills, are the perfect choice for older people who are independently active and engaged in their community, require minimal support, and keen to live their life to the full.

What you get with our Affordable Independent Living Units

Our self-contained, affordable living units are really the Goldilocks accommodation.  Recently refurbished, they contain brand new kitchens and bathrooms, the latest whitegoods, fresh carpet, and private gardens for the ground floor units. They also come with all the necessary safety features, including safety rails and zero entry into all rooms.  There’s a communal laundry, as well as a common garden to enjoy (without the backbreaking maintenance).

All four sites offer private parking, and one has a community room, complete with a television and piano.

These units are, essentially, like any apartment you might find elsewhere in Melbourne. The only difference is that your landlord (that’s us) has your dignity and best interests at heart, from ensuring you have access to some of Melbourne’s most vibrant communities to getting that sticky door jamb sanded as quickly as possible.

How many Australians would kill for such amenities, no matter what stage of life’s journey they are at?

Welcome to the BASScare community

BASScare is a community, offering far more than accommodation in Melbourne’s leafy suburbs. We have a range of services and groups to take advantage of. The degree to which you want to participate in our gamut of resources is – you guessed it – your choice.

Perhaps you’re simply looking for affordable accommodation in desirable suburbs that’s geared towards older people. Perhaps you’re tired of slaving over the stove and want meals prepared and delivered, and will therefore love taking advantage of our Meals on Wheels service.

Or, maybe you want to sample all there is on offer, and will find yourself a regular at our popular Canterbury Centre. Themed lunches, book club, film afternoons, trivia, talks, computer classes – the list is exhaustive, catering to all tastes and desires. How much or how little you want to be involved is up to you.

Melbourne’s leafy south-east shouldn’t be out of reach for anyone. If you’re interested in our affordable independent living units you can find more information here.