Are you staying home and want to exercise, but you don’t have specific exercise equipment? No worries!

Here are some upper body resistance based exercises that you can complete with household items such as tins cans or water bottles.

Resistance training helps build muscle strength to assist you with daily tasks, like carrying groceries and completing activities such as gardening, cooking, home projects & more!

TIP: All of these exercises can be completed standing or seated. STOP if you experience any adverse side effects such as angina (chest pain) or severe shortness of breath.



START: Holding item, hands by your side, palms facing forwards.

MOVE: your hands towards your shoulders while keeping your elbows close to your body (in the same position they started). Return to the starting position.

4 Great Upper Body Exercises You Can Do At Home - BASScare


START: Holding item, arms relaxed in front of you, palms facing you.

MOVE: Keeping your hands close to your body, slowly raise your hands to chest height, allowing your elbows to point towards the side. Slowly return to start position.


START: Feet hip width apart, lean torso forward slightly, you may have your legs slightly bent. Holding item, arms relaxed about knee height, palms facing inwards.

MOVE: Retract your shoulders backwards and then bend your elbows backwards towards your chest. Slowly return to the start position. Return to the starting position.

TIP: You should feel the effort in the upper back/rib region.


START: Holding item, hands by your side, palms facing in towards your body.

MOVE: Keep your elbows as straight as you can, slowly swing your hands out to the side up to shoulder height (or a height you can manage), pause for a moment before returning to the start position.

HINT: you can do this standing upright or bent over slightly.


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