Dorothy summed it up pretty well when she said, ‘there’s no place like home’. Where we live has a particular hold over us; it’s where we feel most secure, most comfortable and most like ourselves. Unfortunately, there may come a time in life when it’s no longer possible to live independently in our own home. However, with home care packages, we have the opportunity to delay this date for as long as possible.

What is home care?

Put simply, home care involves a range of services that allows you to continue living independently in your own home. It recognises the fact that you shouldn’t have to move into a residential aged care facility if services can support you at home. With BASScare, these packages aim to strike the balance between what you want and what you need so you can continue living life the way you like to.

What do the different packages look like?

The help you require around the home is determined by your needs and desires. Perhaps all you need is help with groceries and shopping, maybe a check-in from a health care worker once a week. Or it could be you require more comprehensive support for complex needs. Whatever your requirements, BASScare has a home care package that will work for you. Let’s take a look at the different levels of support.

Level 1 – Basic needs

This package is aimed at those who only need a little extra help around the home. That help might involve some cleaning and tidying, help with grooming and dressing, maybe assistance with transport, shopping or meals. Like all of our packages, it will be tailored to your requirements. A level 1 package will support about 3 hours of care per week

Level 2 – Low care needs

This package will support people with multiple care needs, including tidying, grooming, shopping, meals, Allied Health and nursing services. A level 2 package will support about 4.5 hours of care per week.

Level 3 – Intermediate care needs

This package is for those who need more comprehensive support to live safely and comfortably in their home. This level of care can provide a full range of direct care services including grooming, cleaning, nursing and medication management, gardening, Allied Health, modifications, aids and equipment. A level 3 package will support about 9.5 hours of care per week.

Level 4 – High care needs

This package provides the most comprehensive care available for a person wishing to remain in their own home.  This level of package will sustain frequent visits by care workers or nursing staff and Allied Health professionals. This level of care requires clinical oversight by a nurse, intensive care management and support. A level 4 package will support about 14 hours of care per week.

How do I get a home care package?

These packages are funded by the federal government, so the first step involves completing an assessment through My Aged Care so they can determine what level of home care you need. Once approved for a Home Care Package, you will be put in the National Queue and wait for your package to be assigned to you. Once your package has been assigned to you, you’ll then sit down with us and we’ll go over the packages offered at BASScare, which one is most appropriate for you and how it can be tailored to your requirements.

For a more detailed look at what the process looks like, please check out our Home Care page.

Home Care with BASScare

Life is a lot more enjoyable if we have continuity and the room to live life in the manner we choose. At some stage, a home care package may no longer be enough support and residential aged care may be necessary. With BASScare, when you move from home care to residential aged care, you’ll still be surrounded by the same faces – the same staff, same nurses, same podiatrists and hairdressers. You’ll also still live in the same Boroondara community.

When you sign up for a home care package with BASScare, you’re signing up to a community that will be with you through every stage of ageing, providing you with continuity, dignity and independence. Give us a call today to find out more about our home care packages.