It’s free and it’s awesome! YODART is a pilot program run in partnership with BASScare’s Maranoa House and Dementia Australia and was made possible through the Annual community Strengthening Grant from the City of Boroondara and Balwyn Rotary.
Young Onset Dementia is diagnosed in those under 65 and encompasses a progressive decline in a person’s mental functioning such as loss of memory, intellect, social skills and normal emotional reactions. Despite living with Dementia these individuals are able to express themselves through art and this collection showcases their ability to create and inspire.

Head down to Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre for light refreshments and to take in beautiful artwork produced by a few of our clients living with Young Onset Dementia.

See the Poster here

Date: 25th October 2018
Time: 4:00PM
Place: 157 Union Road, Surrey Hills 3127