Staying Connected

HAPPY WINTER! I know your’re loving the cold mornings as much as I am but what’s been warming me up is hearing all the updates and fantastic stories of how you’re getting on in this strange world of isolation.

We’ve had over 50 of you join in our conference calls and heard an update from nearly all of you over the phone since the temporary closure of our community centres in March.

As those calls continue, we’d also love to hear from you by good old fashioned pen and paper! That’s why in this month’s edition we have enclosed a self-addressed postcard for you to fill out. We’d love to hear your words of wisdom to share with others or just a message for your friends at BASScare. We’ll share some of your messages in our next newsletter and on the television at reception so please send them through!

Over the next few months we are hoping that we will see a slow return in some services starting with essential services such as Podiatry and Exercise Physiology.


We really appreciate your patience over these past weeks whilst we review updates and advice from government about safely re-commencing the programs you need and enjoy.

Our program leaders are working on plans to deliver more online digital sessions, phone groups and remote access to resources such as online trivia, group video calls and virtual exercises for home.

We’re excited to start some contactless door drops for people wanting a visit from a smiling BASScare team member. So if you’d like a book to read, a DVD to watch, a jigsaw puzzle to do or just a friendly chat at a distance with a BASScare team member at the front door please give us a ring and let us know.

We are here for you during business hours on 9880 4709.

Stay safe and warm,

Tom Edwards
Social Support Coordinator


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